Scallion / Green onion
Scallion / Green onion
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Alium fistulosum

French: Ciboule, oignon vert


From old French escalogne, from Latin Ascalonia caepa (onion of Ascalon).

Scallions occupy an honored place among plants used as condiments. Originating in Siberia, they were introduced into Europe in the late Middle Ages, though they have been used for more than 3000 years. They were praised by Homer and mentioned in the Bible. Their hollow green stems are subtle in flavor and used as a condiment.

The green onion, known as "cébette" in Provence (a name used by 16th century French poet François Villon), and "cive" in Picardy, is often mistakenly referred to a shallot in both French and English. Larger than the chive, green onion or scallion is smaller then Spring onion.




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