• choose tamarinds with no bruises or marks


  • refrigerate, unwashed, for several days
  • will keep for 10 to 15 days

Medicinal properties

  • Popularized in Europe in the 10th century by the Persian doctor Avicenna for the laxative properties of its pulp, rich in organic acids and acid potassium tartrate

The fruit, when reduced to a paste, is used as a spice. It is included in certain foods including curry; its flavor is sour. 

The flavor is reminiscent of lemon.

Green tamarind is used to add bitterness to dishes, such as sinigang, one of the country's best soups, they say. 

Tamarind flowers are used in certain preparations such as sinampalokang manok.

Sampalok - Considered a fruit in the Philippines, the tamarind's brown seed envelope, both bland and sweet, is used in candy making. The pulp is worked and rolled into little balls, covered in salt and sugar and wrapped in cellophane. 


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