10 Great ideas to give your lunchbox a makeover!
10 Great ideas to give your lunchbox a makeover!
10 Great ideas to give your lunchbox a makeover!
It's often a challenge to come up with lunch box menus that kids will like as much as adults. Some innovative ideas to share with us.

Idea 1
Line up some pieces of fresh fruit, strips of cooked ham or smoked turkey and cubes of your favorite bread on bamboo skewers, for a really cutting-edge sandwich!

Idea 2
Cook a little extra short pasta at dinner for next day's lunch. While still hot, toss the pasta with some of your favorite vinaigrette. Add some chopped vegetables and diced cooked meat.

Idea 3
Add some grated fruit (apples or pears, for example) to chopped ham and combine with a little sour cream for a tasty, healthy sandwich filling.

Idea 4
Rediscover potato salad! Simply cook some tiny new potatoes and combine with tatziki and bacon bits.

Idea 5
Why not sausages? European-style sausages, particularly German knockwurst, make the basis for an excellent meal. Serve in pita bread with a mild salsa, alfalfa sprouts, sunflower seeds, and sugar peas, asparagus or lettuce. You'll have a hearty and satisfying sandwich!

Idea 6
Using left-over cooked rice, make a rice salad with asparagus, diced mango and smoked turkey. A salad to brighten up any lunchtime!

Idea 7
Go Italian with a frittata!
Make a frittata (an Italian-style omelet) using finely-chopped Black Forest ham as your starting point. It's good warm or cold, and also makes a great sandwich filling on olive bread!

Idea 8

Make a fruit-vegetable salad using one of the following pairings: orange and fennel, apple and endive, mango and squash or cantaloupe and cabbage. Add some cubes of grilled bologna, salt and pepper, and a drizzle of olive oil and vinegar. Definitely not the bologna you remember from your childhood!

Idea 9
Spring rolls are great for lunch boxes! Just combine some nice thinly-sliced vegetables (carrot, bell pepper, cucumber) with some strips of cooked chicken. Add a fruit or peanut-based dip… and you're set!

Idea 10
Use mini pitas. When halved, they can be filled with just about anything. These little bites are easy to hold and less caloric than bread.

Welcome back to school!

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