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Eurasian-Style Bluefin Tuna Tartar with Poached Quail Egg Recipe
Eurasian-Style Bluefin Tuna Tartar with Poached Quail Egg
Kiyomi Mikuni
Kiyomi Mikuni
Flavors of Japan
Total time: less than 15 minutes
Preparation time: A few minutes
Cooking time: None
Difficulty: Easy
Chef's Note
For this recipe, everything depends on using the very freshest ingredients.
Ingredients for each serving
- 60 g (2 oz.) Tuna
- Menegi (very thin leek)
- 1 quail egg
- 1 caper (with stem)
- Black olives
- Anchovy fillets
- Radish
- Cornichons
- Cocktail onion
- Olive oil
- Soy sauce
- Lemon juice
- Chopped shallot
- Salt and pepper
  1. First mix the soy sauce and lemon juice; gradually whisk in the olive oil to make the vinaigrette; add in the shallot, season with salt and pepper;
  2. place a ring on the plate; place the raw tuna in it; place the poached quail egg in the centre;
  3. arrange the garnish in six points around the plate;
  4. remove the ring, arrange the menegi in a cross shape across the tuna and pour the vinaigrette over top.
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