Culinary Christmas gift ideas
Culinary Christmas gift ideas

The art of receiving is also the art of giving

Gourmetpedia has found a gift to tuck under the tree for every gourmet and foodie!

Gourmet chocolate at its finest from Alain Ducasse
Culinary Christmas gift ideas 1

If you've never tried Alain Ducasse's chocolates, you haven't attained nirvana. Once you've tasted them, you'll be able to recognize them out of a thousand. Like their creator, they have real character under a suave exterior. It comes through in the textures and shapes, boldness and creativity.   

To celebrate Christmas in fitting style, Alain Ducasse and his master chocolatier and roaster Alain Berger are offering a truly unique and quirky Christmas tree (see photo above). This is a 100% chocolate tree that you assemble yourself, making the concept all the more fun. There are 6 chocolate discs adorned with organic cereals and dried fruits, a nod to the traditional "mendiant," that you assemble on a chocolate trunk. You can get this whimsical tree for 59 Euros directly from the Manufacture de chocolat Alain Ducasse, 11 rue de la Roquette, Paris, or online.

And how about the Christmas Chocolate Block,a 1100 g / 125 Euros praline-almond bar to break with a wooden maillet! This year, their Christmas collection is revamped and inspired by the hexagonal shape of France. Hexagonal shapes, looking like stars, assembled like Christmas trees… Christmas should always be a feast, just pick and choose!

An Opinel gift set for your budding chef
Culinary Christmas gift ideas 2

The Petit Chef collection by the French brand Opinel is ideal for teaching children how to cook safely. This set includes a finger guard, a peeler and a kitchen knife with a rounded tip, plus an educational ring to help position the fingers and prevent the hand from slipping onto the blade. Both the knife and the peeler have stainless steel blades. Impart a love of cooking to your children at a young age. It's as important as math and languages! It's a benefit that they'll enjoy throughout their lives. 

For the tea lovers
Culinary Christmas gift ideas 3

Thé blanc Alain Ducasse
For the first time in its 150-year history, Kusmi Tea is introducing a white tea, teaming up with Ducasse himself to release Le thé blanc Alain Ducasse, a tea that, the company says, is worthy of "the master of taste."

Though Kusmi made it through multiple world wars and ownership changes since 1867, it somehow never managed to release a single white tea. Perhaps Kusmi was just waiting for the right collaborator to create a white tea, whose "sprouts and buds are picked by hand just once each year in the springtime, making the tea all the more precious." Kusmi's "owner and nose" Sylvain Orebi and Ducasse worked to created a recipe that incorporates notes of raspberry and rose.

Since white tea undergoes the least alteration from its initial plant state of all tea types, Kusmi says it symbolizes purity, and to match the purity and refinement, Le thé blanc Alain Ducasse is packaged in an immaculate handsome white canister created by Paul Lagache, whose thousands of diamond-like facets complement the precious new tea. A tea cup is also available with the tea canister in a gift box for Holidays. Available at all the kusmi stores around the world and Alain Ducasse hotels.

For cocktail lovers
Culinary Christmas gift ideas 4

Does your sister like getting together with friends for happy hour? Does your husband or father like to play Mr. Cocktail? Give them an assortment of Bonne Maman Intense jams and print out this recipe file: four intense fruity cocktails to discover. One of them might just become your signature New Year's Eve drink - before the midnight bubbly! We've even added an intense martini for your New Year's brunch.

For rum lovers
Culinary Christmas gift ideas 5

Rum lovers, here’s something new for you made right here in Quebec. Distilled with a traditional pot still, Chic Choc spiced rum is an amber nectar with homegrown spices from the Chic-Choc mountains. With dreamy names such as lovage root and wild angelica, these spices add a Nordic touch to the rum’s sugar cane and cinnamon nuances.

Available at the SAQ and the Ungava Spirits boutique. A perfect gift for anyone who like characterful rum!

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