Christmas in the Carribean
Christmas in the Carribean

Christmas in the Carribean

In Cayman Islands,
Instead of the ham and turkey that most folks associate with a Christmas dinner nowadays, many Caymanians still cook fresh beef and pork together in the same pot for their Christmas feast. Fresh meat was considered a rare treat in days gone by, and there are those who still say that nothing tastes as good as this Christmas treat.

In Cuba
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The most festive time is "nochebuena" or Christmas Eve. A traditional meal consisting of roast pork, black beans is served over rice, fried mashed plantains and yucca. Large families usually dig a pit in the ground and roast an entire pig over coals, covered with banana leaves. For desert, a type of nougat candy from Spain called turron and the traditional Cuban flan - a very sweet custard - are served with Cuban coffee, remarkably strong!

In Jamaïca
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Christmas dinner is usually a big feast including rice and gungo peas (a Christmas specialty), chicken, oxtail and curried goat. From early December until sometime in January, sorrel is all the rage in Jamaica. Sorrel drink can be found in just about every single home during the Christmas season, made from dried sorrel sepals (a meadow plant), cinnamon, cloves, sugar, orange peel and rum.

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