Nuremberg market - Gingerbread, sausages and mulled wine
Nuremberg market - Gingerbread, sausages and mulled wine

The Cuisine of Bavaria

Gingerbread, sausages and mulled wine

The tempting aromas of mulled wine, sweet roasted almonds, Nuremberg sausages and gingerbread create an unforgettable atmosphere in the Old Town decorated in its Christmas regalia. The world-famous Christkindlesmarkt Christmas Market in Nuremberg southern Germany  lies right at the heart of it with its more than 400 years of tradition.

In Nuremberg, a special recipe of the legendary punch (red wine and rhum) has been concocted for the largest “Feuer- zangenbowle” in the world. One-of-a-kind specially-constructed “punch bowls”, which are 2.5 meters wide and 3.4 meters high, can contain up to 9,000 liters of this intoxicating treat. It takes 48 hours and 40 kWh of electricity to warm the punch to the proper temperature of 70 degrees.

In the Franconian metropolis, everything revolves around sausage—and this for more than 700 years!
Nuremberg market - Gingerbread, sausages and mulled wine 1

During Advent, the sausages are grilled at the world-famous Nuremberg Christmas Market. There, where the booths are lined up one after another, clouds of smoke waft out of the nearby bratwurst kitchens and spread a delicious scent of roasting sausages. Here, Nuremberg Rostbratwurst are prepared the traditional way on an open beech wood fire. Because they are only as thick as a finger, they develop a particularly robust grill aroma. Whether you come from Nuremberg or are visiting, just order the Franconian way: “Drei im Weggla” – “Three in a bun”.

Christmas treats
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An original German Christmas specialty, a soft, cake-like nut cookie with a very high degree of nut content and a low flour content. The production of Lebkuchen dates back to the Middle Ages, formerly produced by German monks in Frankonia, in Bavaria, the region around Nuremberg. Elisenlebkuchen have been known since 1808 and are named after the wife of a Bavarian Count. As the tradition calls for it, you can find the Lebkuchen either coated with rich, dark chocolate or sugar glazed. on wafers soft freshly made. Lebkuchen Schmidt is the world-renowned baker company for over 80 years. You will be fascinating by the tin collection to store your gingerbread. Look for that brand for a real treat.

You will find also wafers generously dusted with icing sugar, pancakes, Christmas Stollen, crispy bretzels, fig and prune figurines...

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