Christmas in Mauritius
Christmas in Mauritius

Flavors of Mauritius

It's always fun to celebrate Christmas in the warmth of the southern hemisphere. The Santas sweat a little under their beards, the fir trees are often artificial, but there's always a good-natured feel in the air.

Various religions live side by side on the island: Indian Hindus, Indian Muslims, Chinese, Creoles and whites. Even though Christmas is a Christian holiday, it's not unusual for gifts to be exchanged in Muslim or Hindu families, though without the Christmas tree and midnight Mass!

The menu is a "tossed salad" of Mauritian and French specialties; for example cold fish terrine, cold meats, salads (cabbage, pineapple, grapes, bacon, carrots), fruit salads (mango, litchi, banana) and spice cakes (cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, cardamom), including mocha spice squares.

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