Easter in Guadeloupe
Easter in Guadeloupe

Flavors of Guadeloupe

Easter in Guadeloupe

Enliven your tastebuds! If you go to Guadeloupe for Easter, set aside thoughts of chocolate and lamb. Get out your sunhat and sandals, because Guadeloupeans head for the beach, seaside or riverbank.

On the menu is "matété," a way of preparing crab, also known as "matoutou" in Martinique. Only the name is different - the basic recipe is essentially the same.

Land crabs are used, which have more flavor than ocean crabs. These crabs are "hunted" a month in advance using a crab box. To attract the crabs to the trap, coconut or mango is hung from a string, or pieces of citrus fruit or sugar cane. The crabs are then fed on potatoes, carrots, tomatoes or chilis before being cooked on Easter Sunday. The beautifully plump white crab with its fine flesh is not limited to this one traditional recipe. Stuffed or sauced in first courses, main courses or even dessert, in jelly, syrup or ice cream, this star crustacean of the archipelago has become a hot trend.

Also on the menu: swimming, punch and music until Monday night! 

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 Photo: Nouvelles Antilles

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