Flavours of Champagne Ardenne
Flavours of Champagne Ardenne
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Flavors of France

A culinary journey through Champagne Ardenne, between bubles and charcuteries

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Champagne specialities
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The rich andouillette de Troyes is a traditional pork product from the Champagne Ardenne region, highly appreciated throughout the country for its gustative qualities. The traditional Troyes andouillette is made out from large intestines and stomachs - attentively selected. The original recipe dates back to the Middle Ages according to the Champagne legends.

The delightful - and distinctive! - taste of the andouillette results from cutting the chitterlings lenghtwise first, and seasoning these thin stripes with onions, herbs, salt and black pepper.

The next step is to wrap the mixture with pork bowels and slowly cook these sausages in a court-bouillon stock for 5 hours.

According to the Champagne Ardenne porkbutchers - or charcutiers - this meticulous recette gives the andouillette de Troyes its sharp taste and delicate texture.

+ Chaource cheese

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Biscuit rose de Reims (pink cookies)
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These sweet, fine biscuits from Reims are widely known under their French name "Biscuits Roses" or "Biscuits de Reims". Those typical French pink treats were first a perfect accompaniment for the Champagne wine but French gourmets now enjoy Reims Biscuits with a cup of tea or as an ingredient of the typical "Charlotte" cake.

The original recipe of the famous "Biscuit Rose" is still kept secretly by Fossier's Confectioners who first made it in the late 18th century. Despite basic ingredients (only eggs, sugar and flour, vanilla-flavour) the traditional French recipe requires special expertise and delicacy.

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Ardenne Specialities
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