Flavors of France
Flavors of France
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France lays claim to a culinary heritage so rich in tradition that it would be impossible to present it on a single plate. Think of it instead as a gastronomic buffet in which each region presents its specialties, products, culture and unique touches.

Whether in the mustards of Dijon, the truffles and geese of the Périgord, the cassis of Burgundy…
Whether in its wines, champagne, liqueurs or eaux de vie, or in a platter of its cheeses….

France can be savored from city to village, from the ocean to the summit of the Alps.

France continuously reinvents itself. Allow yourself to be beguiled by its landscapes, culture, customs and gastronomy.

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France continuously reinvents itself. Allow yourself to be beguiled... and if you want to find out more about France and its regions, to discover  its landscapes, culture, savoir-vivre and traditions, come discover all its charms on The Worldwide Traveler.(coming soon)

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