The Cuisine of Alpes Haute-Provence
The Cuisine of Alpes Haute-Provence
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The gastronomy of upper Provence, or Haute-Provence, is derived from traditional mountain cooking, prepared from simple natural ingredients. Local specialties appear on the menus of many local inns, guest houses, bed and breakfasts and farm lodgings, as well as in most country markets.

Tourtons (fritters)
Crispy and delicious, these traditional specialties originally from Champsaur are enjoyed year-round, in both savory (potato, spinach, herb, meat) and sweet (prune, jam) versions. 

Apples and pears
The Gap pear has been famous since the time of King François I. Passe Crassane and Golden Delicious apples have made the reuptation of modern orchards, along with apricots from the Antonaves region. 

Alpine honey
A major specialty from the Sud des Hautes-Alpes region, the honey here is filled with Provençal flavors, such as lavender which is also grown for perfume-making.

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Cheese production is as varied as the mountain pastures where it's made: Petit Bayard (blue), Queyras, Laragne

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