Cuisine of the Montérégie region
Cuisine of the Montérégie region
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A culinary journey through Montérégie

Nicknamed "the garden of Quebec," this region's cuisine is a taste of nature and an invitation to the delights of the land 

Thanks to the fertile land of the Richelieu and Châteauguay valleys, this is one of Quebec's best farming regions. The black earth of the Richelieu grows potatoes, onions, carrots, radishes, lettuce, celery and cabbage, to name just a few. Come and pick your own apples in the orchards of Mount Rougemont, Saint-Hilaire or St-Grégoire. En route, sample delicious apple products such as cider and jams and pick up a bottle of cider vinegar, the all-purpose tonic of our ancestors. 

In the beautiful Mont St. Hilaire region, enter into the history of the apple and cider. Discover the passionate work of the apple grower and familiarize yourself with the many farming techniques related to this fruit. In the workshop, artisans use traditional and modern methods to extract the juice, carry out the fermentation and make jams and jellies. Learn their secrets for controlling insects in this organic orchard and for making the perfect sweet sparkling cider. In the shop you'll be able to buy delicious products made on site, including cider, vinegar, jams, apple butter, etc. 

Watered by the majestic Richelieu river, vines grow in the valley and line the wine route. Visit an ostrich or goat farm, or head to a "you-pick" farm for seasonal fruit. 

When the blanket of snow starts to disappear, rediscover the old traditions of the sugar shacks as the maple sap drips into the buckets. 

The cuisine of the area has roots deep in tradition. At Ste. Anne de Sorel, you can still taste "gibelotte," a hearty fish and vegetable soup, served amid the picturesque beauty of the islands of St. Pierre lake. The recipe dates back to 1926 and will be waiting for you when you get there... unless you get waylaid in a field of sunflowers! 

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