Flavors of Canada
Flavors of Canada
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A Plate Full of Canada

Bordered by three oceans and with ten provinces and three territories covering almost 10,000,000 square kilometres, Canada is a rich and varied pageant of cultures, geography and climate. Canada enjoys great richness, an unequaled diversity that includes First Nations peoples and many varied ethnic communities. Each province and region has its own special dishes and culinary traditions to offer. Let's get acquainted with the country through a quick tour.

* British Columbia
* Quebec
* Ontario

Maritime Provinces
As their name indicates, Canada's maritime provinces face the sea, and its products - not surprisingly - are celebrated in the region's cuisine.

* New Brunswick
* Newfoundland
* Nova Scotia
* Prince Edward Island

The Prairies
Manitoba and Saskatchewan have been called the "breadbasket of the world" - and you need only take a drive through these provinces to pass some of the biggest wheat fields you can imagine. The cooking of the prairie provinces is simple and substantial, reflecting the sturdy agriculture heritage of the region.

* Alberta
* Manitoba
* Saskatchewan

Canada is a land to discover, from one ocean to the other, from province to province and table to table.

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