Flavors of the state of Veracruz
Flavors of the state of Veracruz
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Flavors of Mexico

Flavors of the State of Veracruz

The Mexican State of Veracruz brings to mind beautiful Gulf of Mexico waters, steamy jungles and mouth-watering ocean-fresh seafood.

The State of Veracruz is all this and more.

Veracruzan cuisine consists of a range of exquisite dishes made from fish and shellfish, usually accompanied by a spicy salsa. A good example, and well worth trying, is shrimp a la diabla (devilled shrimps); another option is crab in chilpachole, a traditional stew made with Serrano chilli, or red snapper a la Veracruzana. Many delicious dishes here are labelled “a la Veracruzana”, which means you can expect a tomato-based sauce with onions, garlic, olives, chillies and spices. Other cuisine options in Veracruz include fresh oysters, mojarra al mojo de ajo (sea bream in garlic), Veracruz-style tripe, Veracruz-style duck, gorditas (corn cakes), picadas (corn patties topped with cheese, beans and a hot salsa), and molcajete de cecina (cured beef served in a Mexican stone mortar with cheese and mushrooms).

Delightful Xalapa
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Like every refined city, Xalapa boasts a strong gastronomical heritage. The local cuisine retains the elegance of Spanish food and the vibrant ingredients of the Pre-Hispanic Mexico. When looking for a good meal in the State of Veracruz, don't fail to try the huevos tirados (literally, thrown eggs), which are eggs cooked with beans and served with cheese, tortilla chips, soft tortillas, fried banana, and rice. After dinner, discover some traditional Xalapan desserts such as corn cake and buñuelos (fritters made with beer, anise, and molasses). Try the local drink, Torito.

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Coatepec: Coffee Heaven
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In the pretty colonial town of Coatepec, roasting coffee fills the air with its captivating scent, casting a magic spell over the town's beautiful parks and haciendas. Coatepec is a scant 8 kilometers from the Veracruz State capital, Xalapa. At 1,250 meters above sea level, the weather is seldom anything other than pleasant and absolutely ideal for coffee growing, Coatepec's claim to fame. Banana, mango and other tropical fruits, plus fields of flowers and other farmed products, all flourish in this sea of greenery, bordered by mountain vegetation and low rainforests.

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Xico, Tradition All Year Round
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In Xico, any reason is enough for the mole-sauce pots to get put on the fire.

One of Xico's delicious traditional dishes is xonequi (beans prepared with cornmeal and aromatic herbs).

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Torito from Veracruz
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Originally from the Sotavento, an area that extends from the Port of Veracruz to the south of Alvarado, Veracruz, the toritos are a beverage made from cane-based alcohol, flavored with natural fruits. Its name contains part of the region's history and dates back to the time when the workers who cut the sugar cane spent long working days.

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Coffee bean photo : Compass Coffee Roasting Company in Mexico

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