Torito from Veracruz
Torito from Veracruz
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Flavors of the State of Veracruz > Torito from Veracruz

Originally from the Sotavento, an area that extends from the Port of Veracruz to the south of Alvarado, Veracruz, the toritos are a beverage made from cane-based alcohol, flavored with natural fruits. Its name contains part of the region's history and dates back to the time when the workers who cut the sugar cane spent long working days. To hold up, they prepared fruit drinks to which they added alcohol and with which they felt strong as toros (bulls). 

Today, the torito has been polished in regard to its preparation and it is very popular all over Veracruz; they come in all kinds of flavors, from exotic fruits such as the guanabana (soursop), jobo (ambarella), nanche, coconut, to even coffee, peanuts, or mixed nuts served with ice frappe. In spite of how sweet they taste, you should not be too confident, behind this explosion of flavor and freshness there are varying degrees of cane alcohol.

Tasting a torito will take you back to landscapes on the Papaloapan river, a stroll over the provincial streets of Tlacotalpan, a magic town and birthplace of the Jarocho sound, or an evening stroll over the boardwalk in the port of Veracruz. In spite of having the flavor of the Mexican province, this drink is currently being promoted in countries like France, El Salvador, Panama and Spain, where it has been in high demand.

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