Flavors of New Zealand
Flavors of New Zealand
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Flavors of New Zealand

New Zealand's cuisine has been described as Pacific Rim, drawing inspiration from Europe, Asia and Polynesia. Its distinctiveness is more in the way New Zealanders eat - generally preferring as relaxed and unaffected as possible, in keeping with the laidback Kiwi psyche. Summer sees many eating outdoors in cafes or at barbecues, where fare such as lamb, cervena (venison), crayfish (lobster), fresh fish and shellfish is plentiful. Choose a world-class sauvignon blanc or chardonnay from one of the country's 376 wineries, and you have the perfect complement. New Zealanders are spoilt for their choice of fresh produce - much to the delight of the country's chefs. And, for a true taste of New Zealand, don't miss the hangi.

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