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Actinidia deliciosa

Other name: Chinese Gooseberry

French: Kiwi
Chinese: Yang Tao


The real name of the kiwi is "actinidia." Originally from China, this fruit was developed in New Zealand, and so naturally it adopted the name of the kiwi, the tailless and long-beaked bird that is the country's symbol.

The kiwi's history began a very long time ago in the Chang Kiang valley in China. The khans considered it a refined food and praised its emerald colour. It was only near the end of the 19th century that some seeds were sent to England. The kiwi arrived in the United States in 1904 and in New Zealand in 1906. The United States produces kiwis from October to May, and since the seasons are reversed in New Zealand, kiwis are available for import practically twelve months of the year. 

The kiwi is ovoid in shape. It has a relatively thin skin covered with fine brown hairs. The interior offers a more intense green than any other fruit, speckled with tiny little edible black seeds. There also exists a golden variety.


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