Flavors of Austria
Flavors of Austria
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A taste of Austria

 Austria, always a land of individualists, derives its cuisine in part from age-old rural and manorial traditions. And quite a variety, too! The multi-ethnic Habsburg Monarchy became a culinary melting pot from which the classical dishes of the modern-day Austrian cuisine emerged. The Wiener Schnitzel began life in Milan, the goulash from Hungary, and the glories of the dessert repertoire had their origins in Bohemian kitchens. Even the Strudel started life in Turkey and found its way to Austria via Hungary. Here are a few regional examples of Austria' culinary treats:

Liptauer Cheese
This great spread is served in typical Heurigen wine taverns throughout Austria's wine growing regions and is served best on pumpernickel or rye bread. Impress your guests with this traditional Austrian spread at your next party.

Make your own Gluehwein
There is one drink Austrians treasure during the christmas season: Gluehwein. The scent of this spiced mulled wine lingers throughout Austria. Surprise your x-mas party guests with this great warming and typically Austrian drink...

The Croissant
Flavors of Austria 1

Did you know that the croissant originally came from Austria? In 1683, during the second siege of Vienne by the Ottomans, when the enemy decided to attack by night, the city's bakers, up before dawn to prepare their pastries, discovered the plot and gave out the alert. Read more

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