Flavors of British Columbia
Flavors of British Columbia
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Flavors of Canada


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This most westerly of Canadian provinces, bordering the Pacific Ocean, is salmon country. Throughout the spring and summer, the native Haida communities of the west coast are busy preparing salmon, but it is in May that the Elders go out to seek the red salmon of the Yukon River and Copper Bay. The catch from the summer season is dried, frozen, smoked or canned to be enjoyed throughout the year.

Vancouver is a young and vibrant city, barely a century old. Lacking deep culinary roots of its own, it has opened itself up to many converging influences, sharing a bit of the west coast flavour of San Francisco and enriched by the thriving Asian communities that have established themselves here. With its spectacular natural setting and mild climate, nature provides abundantly, so much so that the west coast native tribes did not even need to practice agriculture to survive.

Salmon, halibut, seafood and shellfish… there are many maritime delights to be found in B.C. A favoured way of cooking them is on the barbecue, especially on wet cedar planks that surround the fish with a light steam while imparting a unique flavour and moistness.

Photo : Bluewater Cafe


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