Flavours of Prince Edward Island
Flavours of Prince Edward Island
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With its kilometers and kilometers of luxuriant undulating farm land, its coasts dotted with fishing ports, its red cliffs that rise dramatically over a clear blue sea, and its long ribbons of sandy beach, Prince Edward Island offers picture postcard views. While it's a delight to the eyes, it's also a destination for your taste buds!

Prince Edward Island is divided into 5 distinct regions. Each one has its own character and culture that, when combined, create their own flavour palette.

Come to the Island! Stay for your taste buds!
Flavours of Prince Edward Island 1

Come for the Fall Flavours Festival from September 2rd to 25th

Taste the blue mussels

Learn to distinguish a Malpeque Oyster from a Raspberry Point

Experience lobster from a simple lobster stuffed bake potato to a chef dish.


North Cape Coastal Drive
Flavours of Prince Edward Island 2

Start your culinary journey with the North Cape Coastal Drive and taste what happens when land meets sea!

Want to try the bread of the Island's first inhabitants, the Mikmaq, called Lusgnign?

Care to taste a part of the rich Acadian culture called râpure (grated potato dish)?

Feel brave enough to savour seaweed pie or potato fudge?


Green Gables Shore
Flavours of Prince Edward Island 3

The Green Gables Shore offers the perfect combination of island scenery, culture and food artisans.

Witness chocolate in the making at Avonlea Village.

Taste award-winning preserves along the beautiful River Clyde?

Explore the seaside and talk with fishermen.

A snack attack? Pick your own fruits. Many orchards offer this experience where you pick to your heart's content and leave with bushels of the Island's best bounty.

Sample the Cheese Lady's Gouda as you chat with the sheep and llamas. It includes unique flavours such as garlic, peppercorn, onion and herbs. Don't miss the best part: samples!

Have a famous lobster supper in a seasonal restaurant. The backdrop to your memorable dining experience is often in the setting of heritage homes, with menus featuring fresh ingredients from the backyard or local farm gate.

Red Sand Shore + Charlottetown
Flavours of Prince Edward Island 4

This central region is famous for more than being the home of the Confederation Bridge...

With red in this region's name, the red sand beaches, red jutting cliffs, and red clay roads all provide the storybook atmosphere for a premium culinary experience. Climb sand dunes to whet your appetite

Savour a fresh lobster,and melted butter dripping over new potatoes

Potato pancakes, potato bread, potato cinnamon rolls, potatoes in vodka... The possibilities are endless with the local versatile spud.

Depending upon tide times, ask an oyster fisher to take you out just offshore in an oyster dory and you'll get to try your hand at tonging the way his father and grandfather did. Have a lesson in oyster sucking and eat the freshest oysters you'll ever taste.

Experience Pure Honey Joy. Sweet your coffee with Honibe Honey Drops, a healthy alternative to the sugar cube. They won the 2010 Global Sial d'Or in Paris as the world's best new food innovation. Produced in Charlottetown, bee-cause they are so good, they are now a household brand in local grocery stores, farm markets and gift shops.

Attend the Seafood Festival from September 16th to 18th. 1 866 055-2003

Points East Coastal Drive
Flavours of Prince Edward Island 5

You are on beaches among the best on PEI. Have the sand at Basin Head "sing to you". Work up an appetite by climbing the spectacular dune system at the National Park at Greenwich.

Stop by a Fish & Chip road stand

And when Cocktail Hour rings … because it's always six o'clock somewhere... You're just right on the dot. You're in the wine and spirit capital of PEI with many vineyards and wineries to stop by. Or maybe you prefer to sip an iced root beer at Cavendish?

Stop by on of the roadside vegetable stands Just pull over to the end of a farmer's lane or farm gate; choose from the variety of in-season produces and then leave your payment in the container. Here, we trust people.

Attend the Saint Peters Blueberry Festival from August 1st to 7th.

Flavours of Prince Edward Island 6
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