A Little Glossary of Greek Cuisine
A Little Glossary of Greek Cuisine
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- A - 

Agouri : cucumber

Agriodiosmos : wild mint

Alati : salt

Alevri : flour

Anginares or aguinaress : artichokes in a lemon-egg sauce with potatoes, or simply artichokes

Anithos : dill

Arakas : peas

Arnaki or arni : young lamb or lamb

Astakoss : a clawless lobster, similar to a rock lobster

Avgo / Avga or afgo / afga : egg/eggs

Avgolemono : lemon-egg sauce

- B -

Baklavas : a sweet rich pastry made with walnuts, syrup and honey

Bamiès : okra

Bira : beer

Bonite : kind of fish

Boureki : dessert made with honey, almonds and sesame seeds

Brizola, brizoless : steak or cutlet

- C -

Chima : open wine

Chorta or Horta : wild herbs

Cornille : dried white beans with a little black spot

- D -

Dentrolivano : rosemary

Dolmathes, dolmadès or dolma : stuffed vine leaves

- E -

Elièss : olives

Elioladi : olive oil

- F -

Fakes : lentils

Faskomilo : sage

Fassolaki : green beans

Fassolakia me patates yanites : a dish of green beans and potatoes  

Fassolia : beans

Féta or feta or fêta : brined white cheese made from sheep or goat milk. Much used in Greek cooking.

Fraoulès : strawberries

Fourtalia: omelet

- G -

Gala : milk

Galaktoboureko : pastry made with milk and semolina

Galeos : dogfish

Gardumbes : kebabs of chopped liver, tripe and heart

Garides : shrimp

Gigantes : giant beans (seeds)

Glossa : tongue

Granita : ice bream with ouzo

Graviéra : firm cheese used especially for gratineed dishes. Similar to gruyère.

- H -

Halvas :

Heli : eel

Helidonopsaro : flying fish

Hirino : pork

Horiatiki salata : country salad

-I - J -


- K -

Kafe : coffee

Kalamarakia : calamari

Kalamata : the most famous variety of Greek olive

Kalogeros : lobster

Kanela : cinnamon

Kanias : giant crab

Kapari : caper

Karpouzi : watermelon

Kasseri : cooked sheep's cheese, light and mild, a little like cheddar

Kataifi : angel hair pasta used in desserts

Kefalotiri : salted hard cheese, perfect for grating, used for gratins and on pasta. Similar to parmesan, but milder. 

Keftedakia or Keftédes : spiced meat balls

Kidonopasto : quince pasta, a specialty of the Ionian islands

Kimas : ground meat

Kleftiko : lamb cooked with garlic, parsley, feta, potatoes and tomato

Kokoras : rooster

Kopanisti : a kind of cheese

Koriatiki : Greek country salad

Kotopoulo : chicken

Kotopoulo me Krasi kai Patates : chicken with wine and potatoes

Kouneli : rabbit

Kourambiedes : almond flour cookies rolled in sugar, traditionally served during the holiday season. Go well with coffee. 

Kourambiedakia: same as Kourambiedes, but smaller.

Krassi : wine

Krassi kima : cask wine.

Kreas: meat

Kritharaki : small rice-shaped pasta, often cooked with meat

Kumino : cumin

- L -

Ladi : oil

Lagos : hare

Lahano aspro / kokino : white/red cabbage

Lahanodolmades : cabbage leaves stuffed with ground meat and rice

Lemonada : lemonade

Lemoni : lemon

Lentisque : a tree from the island of Chios that produces the resin used for cooking and medicinal uses.

Loukaniko : sausage

Loukoum, loukoumi : small cubes of flavored jelly, rolled in icing sugar. Turkish delight.

- M -

Maïdzanoss : parsley

Marouli : lettuce

Makaronia pastitsio : macaroni gratin with ground meat and béchamel sauce

Manitaria : mushrooms

Manouri : soft unsalted white cheese used in making sweet dishes and desserts. 

Mantzourana : marjoram

Marathos : fennel

Marmelada : jam or marmalade

Mastos Aphroditis : variety of peach

Mavrodaphne : a dessert wine from Cephalonia or Patras 

Mayiritsa : a traditional Easter soup made with lamb tripe

Meli : honey

Melitzanosalata : grilled eggplant salad, puréed and spread on bread

Menta : mint

Metalico nero : mineral water

Metaxa : brandy, 38-40% alcohol

Medze (meze), medzedes (mezedes),: appetizers

Midhia : mussels

Milo, mila : apple, apples

Moskari : veal

Moussaka, moussakas melitzanes : gratin of grilled eggplant, ground meat, potato and bechamel sauce

Moustarda : mustard

Muscat : Renowned wines from Lemnos and Patras

Myzithra : lightly salted white sheep's milk cheese. Served fried. 

- N -


- O -

Ortikia : quail

Ouzo : alcoholic anise-flavored beverage, similar to pastis. Ouzo is made only in Greece, obtained by blending alcohols flavored through distillation or maceration of anise seeds and possibly also fennel, gum from a mastic tree indigenous to the island of Chios (Pistacia lentiscus Chia or latifolia) and other seeds, plants and aromatic fruits.
Drunk straight or with water. Refreshing in summer. 

- P -

Paghoto : ice

Papi : duck

Pasteli : a specialty of Kea, made with sesame seeds and honey.

Pastitsio : pasta gratin

Pastourma : dried beef  (Thrace and Macedonia)

Patates : potatoes.

Patates tiganites : fried potatoes

Patsas : offal soup (pork or lamb)

Peponi : melon

Perdika : partrdige

Phaskomilo : sage. Used in infusions.

Phyllada : bay leaf (see also daphne)

Piperi : pepper

Piperiess : sweet peppers

Portokalada : orangeade

Portokali, portokalia : orange, oranges

Psari : fish

Psari Plaki : fish with tomato and oil

Psarosoupa : fish soup

Psomi : bread

- Q -


- R -

Rakiya : brandy from Crete, similar to Italy's grappa. Also made from grapes. 

Retsina : wine flavored with pine resin.

Revani : very sweet semolina cake.

Revithia : soup with onions and chick peas

Rigani : oregano

Rizogallo : rice pudding with cinnamon

Roudjoukakia : meat balls in tomato sauce

- S -

Saganaki : fried cheese slices

Salata Horiatiki : country salad. Generally includes tomatoes, cucumbers, sliced onion, feta, black olives and olive oil 

Saltsa : sauce

Saltsa Yaourti me Anitho : yogurt and dill sauce, perfect with fish. 

Sardhaless : sardines

Selino : celery

Sesfikia : little candy rolls with nuts and grape must inside. Made in Moustos. 

Sika : figs. Best to peel them before eating, removing the part that contains the stem, since it contains a latex that can irritate the mouth. 

Sikoti : liver

Skordalia : garlic sauce

Soupa avgolémono : soup with beaten egg and lemon 

Souvla : skewer or kebab

Souvlaki : grilled meat kebab

Spanakopitta : a dish of spinach, feta and eggs between layers of phyllo pastry

Spanakorizo : spinach with rice

Stifades : raisins

Stifado : beef stew with onions and wine

- T -

Tahini : creamy ground sesame paste

Tzatziki or dzadziki : yogurt and cucumber sauce, served as an hors-d'oeuvre. Eaten with bread.

Tarama Salata, Taramosalata : pink purée made with carp roe. Served with bread or as a side with other dishes.

Thimari : thyme

Throumbes : wrinkled black olives

Tiri : cheese (in general)

Tiropita : cheese gratin with phyllo pastry and feta

Tomates or domates : tomatoes

Tonoss : tuna

Triantafilla glika : candy made with rose petals

Trigonia : doves

Tsakistes : green olives

Tsipoura : kind of fish

Tsirosalata : dried mackerel salad, a specialty of Thessalonika

- U -


- V -

Vareli : from the cask (wine)

Vassilikos : basil

Vaya : bay (see also daphne)

Voutiro / mè voutiro: butter / with butter

- W-X -


- Y -

Yaourti : yogurt

Yiaourti me meli : yogurt with honey

Yiaourti me marmeladai : yogurt with jam

Youvetsi : kind of stew made in a terra cotta dish

Yufka : phyllo-type pastry, but thicker

- Z -

Zahari : sugar

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