Flavors of Xalapa
Flavors of Xalapa
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Flavors of the State of Veracruz >  Delightful Xalapa


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When looking for a good meal in the State of Veracruz, don’t fail to try the huevos tirados (literally, thrown eggs), which are eggs cooked with beans and served with cheese, tortilla chips, soft tortillas, fried plantain, and rice. After dinner, discover some traditional Xalapan desserts such as corn cake and buñuelos (fritters made with beer, anise, and molasses).

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Sunset brings with it the irresistible flavors of traditional Xalapan desserts, usually enjoyed with a coffee. You can choose from jamoncillo, a dessert based on milk, unrefined sugar and pumpkin seeds, and candied fruit with piloncillo (molasses).

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Locals traditionally end their evenings with Torito de La Chata, made of fruit, condensed milk and cane liquor. The drink comes in several flavors such as guava, mango, peanut, coconut, strawberry and, of course, coffee.


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Pan de elote / Pan de maiz - Photo : MSCOMM / ID 18724507 / Brent HOfacker
Jamoncillo -

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