Flavors of Tarn
Flavors of Tarn
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Ail rose de Lautrec (Pink garlic from Lautrec)
Flavors of Tarn 1

This veal, qualified Label Rouge, partners well with Ail Rose de Lautrec, also branded Label Rouge. An altogether remarkable product, the colour of the garlic is unique, it has a particularly delicate taste, and can be conserved for up to a year as well as being an attractive decoration.

Naturally cured ham from Lacaune
Flavors of Tarn 2

In the Southern Tarn, the little town of Lacaune has perfected a process of salt curing ham which is unique in France. Here, at the heart of the Parc Naturel Régional du Haut-Languedoc, are perfect climatic conditions which, combined with native skill, produce the exceptional charcuteries de Lacaune - hams, sausages and salamis - which mature in the shade of the drying-sheds. They are branded Label Rouge.

Veal from the Aveyron and the Ségala
Flavors of Tarn 3

Sought-after for its tender flesh, flavour and colour, Veau d’Aveyron and du Ségala is the pride of the cattle breeders of the terrain which spans the Northern Tarn and the neighbouring Aveyron. Calves bred here are fed on their mother’s milk, a tradition linked to the cultivation of rye, where the name Ségala comes from.

The Carré du Tarn et Croquant de Cordes (Tarn cheese and almond biscuits from Cordes)
Flavors of Tarn 4

Made from the milk of Alpine and Chamois goats, Carré du Tarn cheese has a creamy texture and deliciously nutty taste and is exclusively farm produced. It could team up with the Croquant de Cordes (named after the medieval town of Cordes-sur-Ciel). This light biscuit incorporates shards of grilled almond and combines the airy texture of the white of egg and the crunchiness of caramelised sugar.

Wine: AOC Gaillac
Flavors of Tarn 5

With complex and robust reds reminiscent of fruit and spices and well-balanced whites with an enticing bouquet, the gamut and variety of AOC Gaillac wines is as seductive as the Gaillac landscape of hills and hollows which catch the sun. This ancient wine producing area spreads from the banks of the Tarn to the limestone plateaux rising towards Cordes-sur-Ciel. The wine is characterized by ancient grape varieties which are found nowhere else, such as Mauzac, Duras and Braucol.

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