Rhineland-Palatinate - East Central
Rhineland-Palatinate - East Central
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Flavors of Germany

Rhineland-Palatinate – East central

Some specialties of the region:

  • Sauerbraten: beef marinated in vinegar served with Knödel or potato balls
  • Reibekuchen: little grated potato pancakes served with apple or cranberry sauce
  • Hämchen: pork trotter served with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes
  • Saumagen: stuffed pork belly accompanied by sauerkraut
  • Schweinepfeffer: spicy pork stew thickened with blood
  • Federweiber: half-fermented young wine served alongside an onion tart
  • Rheinischer Sauerbraten: beef marinated in onions, with sultanas and hot pepper
  • Reibekuchen: fried potatoes
  • Pfeffer-Potthast: spicy beef with bay leaves
  • Moselhecht: Moselle pike with a creamy cheese sauce
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