Restaurant Akelare
Restaurant Akelare
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P° Padre Orcolaga 56
E-20008 San-Sebastián
Tel: (34) 943 31 12 09<br&a
Fax: (34) 943 21 92 68
Owner: Pedro Subijana
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It has been over twenty years since Basque chef Pedro Subijana received Spain’s National Prize for Gastronomy as the best chef in the country. His restaurant, Akelare (meaning “witches’ sabbath”), located on the far side of Monte Igueldo, became an instant mecca for food-lovers. Since then, his dazzlingly innovative cooking has influenced a whole generation of chefs and set the standard for “new Basque cuisine.”

Subijana opened his restaurant on the western edge of San Sebastián in 1974: its large windows offer a breathtaking view of the mists and turbulent waters of the Bay of Biscay far below. The modern atmosphere includes an inviting fireplace and is plush and comfortable, offering a contrast with the farmhouse inspiration of many of Subijana’s dishes.

And what dishes! Start with one of Subijana’s traditional recipes that showcase local seafood: Hake fillets in sauce with "kokotzas" and clams. Specialties from the land might include Foie gras on spongy "talo", Txakoli caramel and vinegar caviar. Prepare yourself for some even more amazing combinations: Gin-tonic on a plate, perhaps, or pepper ice cream with apple and honey "pantela"!

A visit to the Akelare will ensure you a moment of pure bliss.

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