L'Auberge Bretonne
L'Auberge Bretonne
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2, place Duguesclin
56130 La Roche-Bernard
Tel: (33) 02 99 90 60 28
Fax: (33) 02 99 90 85 00
Owner: Jacques Thorel
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Jacques Thorel's mother, a native of Bretagne, raised him on good traditional dishes, inspiring him at a young age with a love for cooking.

Jacques Thorel loves Brittany. But it could be said that the region repays his affection by providing him with some of the most striking products of his cuisine. And if it ceases to provide them, he ensures they are revived… at least for himself, just to make a few recipes. He personalizes this Breton cuisine that he knows so well, reinterpreting both popular cooking and la cuisine bourgeoise. He tops a rustic buckwheat galette with lobster and cèpes; when in season, he adds truffles to the bacon that, with potatoes, was a farmhouse staple; he creates a refined soup, taking as his starting point a traditional peasant oatmeal porridge.

Home-made bread, farm butter, new vegetables from the garden - these healthful, natural products are at the heart of Thorel's cuisine…

Imagination and a passion for his work are united in Jacques Thorel with wonderful creative results: his artistic soul combined with a mixture of strength and serenity are placed at the service of his art, his culinary heritage.

The lovely inn tastefully restored by Solange and Jacques Thorel has become an important destination for food lovers, and its light-filled rooms beckon you to stay on just a little while longer…

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