Domaine de Châteauvieux
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Domaine de Châteauvieux
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1242 Satigny-Genève
Tel: 022 753 15 11
Fax: 022 753 19 24
Owner: Magali & Philippe Chevrier
As you slowly make your way from Satigny to Russin in the countryside outside Geneva, through a landscape reminiscent of Provence, you can relax and breathe deeply of the pure air. It is in this setting that Philippe Chevrier works his wonders with creative cuisine, generosity and a taste for perfection.

Happy in his beautiful domain of Châteauvieux, Chevrier is a chef bubbling with talent, making him one of the most noteworthy ambassadors of Swiss gastronomy. The land is so deeply a part of him that he may be unsurpassed in his ability to reveal and reinterpret this terroir in his cooking, combining solid character with dazzling creativity.

From age 7 on, he dreamed only of becoming a cook. He still remembers the meal his mother prepared for his birthday: "I love mussels… They were followed by sole in red wine and by a diplomat pudding, a dessert made with vanilla cream and candied fruits. My mother and my aunt were both wonderful cooks who instilled in me a taste for good things. A palate shaped at a young age remains the foundation of the cook's art."

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