Palais Coburg Residenz
Palais Coburg Residenz
To contact the establishment
Coburgbastei 4
A-1010 Wien
Tel: + 43 (0)1 518 180
Fax: + 43 (0)1 518 181
Owner: POK Pühringer Privatstiftung
Director: Jan Hendrik van Dillen

This fascinating palace, which brings to life six centuries of architectural history, is situated in the heart of Vienna. The Restaurant Coburg is the gastronomic heart where award-winning chef Christian Petz oversees and celebrates the culinary arts. His elegant modern cooking has won over the hearts of purists around the world: it offers the luxury of the finest, top-quality ingredients while resisting the influence of passing fads.

Trained by some of Switzerland and France's greatest chefs, he offers stunning, sumptuous cuisine: oysters in aspic with turbot brandade, pork cheeks with lentils and black truffles, souffléed crêpe with apricots.... Everything served here pays homage to culinary tradition. Christian Petz may be known for his clear and modern cuisine with a purist touch, but at the same time he has a keen interest in reviving the great classics of the Viennese kitchen (among others). Petz is no fan of dishes that rely exclusively on luxury products. His passion centers on coaxing out the flavor of delicate vegetables, fresh fish or fine poultry with great finesse and bringing these skillfully to the fore. What’s more, he is THE Austrian chef who made offal socially acceptable again, and the one to whom guests make a pilgrimage to enjoy big cuts of meat roasted whole, such as lamb shoulder.

Besides moving simple products and classic dishes back to center stage, Christian Petz has chosen to make the pairing between wines and his culinary creations a focus of his gastronomic art.

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