Restaurant Le Cerf
Restaurant Le Cerf
To contact the establishment
10 rue du Temple
1304 Cossonay-Ville
Tel: 021 861 26 08
Fax: 021 861 26 27
Owner: Christine & Carlo Crisci
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Wearing extravagant glasses and using his sauces like a graffiti artist, Carlo has long been looked upon as a culinary original. But today he is recognized by gastronomes not just for his virtuosic creativity, but also for his rock-solid talent. However, this young 40-ish chef did not start out in any of the renowned establishments of France or Switzerland. Instead, at 24 he boldly stepped into the kitchens of Le Cerf, a splendid medieval house, bringing with him only courage and a dash of madness!

Practicing his art in the heart of the old town of Cossonay, Carlo Crisci may well be the most imaginative and most artistic of Swiss cooks - though in any case, he stands out because of the level of perfection he combines with his culinary inspiration. His dishes are works of art: the art of the palate, in particular, for he knows better than anyone how to bring out the finest flavours and aromas of the meal. His is a magician's art that never fails to enchant.

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