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440 South LaSalle Street
Chicago, Il 60605
Tel: (312) 663 8920
Fax: (312) 663 8802
Owner: Jean Joho
Director: Philippe Tosques

Situated on the 40th floor of the Chicago Stock Exchange, Everest is a mecca of French cuisine. From the moment you enter, you could easily believe yourself to be in France: the decor, the paintings, even the accent of the maitre d' are classically Gallic. The dining room is a long rectangle completely surrounded by windows that offer breathtaking views on the city.

Everest is not the place to find whimsical extravagance on the plates nor eccentric experimentation in the cooking. Instead the menu offers the great French classics, presented purely and simply. The emphasis is on perfect cooking and flawless execution. Everest reflects a tradition of fine restaurant dining in which the smallest detail is carefully seen to.

Jean Joho's cooking style draws on his memories of childhood - an Alsatian touch shows through in every dish he presents to American diners. He likes to serve dishes that he would eat at home, while keeping alive the great classics that are the hallmark of French gastronomy.

In seventh heaven

The chef isn't satisfied with just a legendary restaurant. In addition, he has Brasserie Jo in Chicago, a large-scale operation that puts out 300-600 covers a day. He also has a twin establishment in Boston, as well as the Eiffel Tower restaurant in Las Vegas (Paris Hotel and Resorts Collection). From Everest to the Eiffel Tower, there can be no doubt: Jean Joho loves the heights.

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