Falsled Kro
Falsled Kro
To contact the establishment
Assensvej 513
DK-5642 Millinge
Tel: (45) (62) 68 1111
Fax: (45) (62) 68 1162
Owner: Famille Grønlykke
Director: Randy Schmidt & Per Hallundbaek
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It was on the island of Fyn, considered as “the garden of Denmark”, that Hans Christian Andersen was born, and which has now been immortalised through his fairy tales. Today in Millinge, a small village on the island, there are other tales being told: that of a man who makes his recipes into true Scandinavian legends. At Per Hallundbaek table, the salmon is home-smoked, the North Sea Lobster comes with mango chutney, and the poached eggs are embellished with caviar.
"Raw or cooked, the ocean fish and shellfish that pervade the country are emblematic of our culinary traditions", says Per. "I use a lot of scallops, especially the ones caught around Tronheim in central Norway. In my opinion, they're the best in the world. There's also salmon from local rivers. I've installed my own smoker to smoke salmon as well as breakfast bacon from free-range pigs".


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