Villa Florentine
Villa Florentine
To contact the establishment
25, montée Saint-Barthélemy
69005 Lyon (Rhône)
Tel: + 33 (0)4 72 56 56 56
Fax: + 33 (0)4 72 40 90 56
Owner: Famille Giorgi • Maître de Maison : Jérôme Montantème

You thought you were in Lyon, but here you are in Florence. These ochre walls, this artistic decoration, this whiff of indulgent relaxation around the pool… There is no doubt this is Italy…Why this anachronism? Florence and Lyon have been closely linked since the Renaissance period and the marriage of Henri IV and Marie de Medici. The Villa Florentine is a tribute to this golden era. Nestled on a magic hill, this is the ideal romantic retreat to escape the hustle and bustle of Lyon and enjoy dinner with views of the city lights at the “Terrasses de Lyon”.

Davy Tissot: Meilleur Ouvrier de France
This young chef, whose career has already been marked by great culinary achievements, seeks to create a cuisine of meeting and interaction as he combines tradition with a passion for his ingredients.

Heading the kitchens at the Terrasses de Lyon since the end of 2004, Davy Tissot creates new flavor inspirations each day to delight gourmets and in the hope of one day obtaining a coveted second Michelin star. His new menu offers sophisticated treasures, reintroducing some of the wonderful forgotten flavors of these regions.

Davy Tissot owes his earliest culinary inspiration to his grandmother who came from Sicily by way of Tunis to settle in a suburb of Lyon, and whose kitchen was always filled with delicious scents. An inspiration because she cooked - and continues to cook - pasta like no one else, a cook who could create miracles out of practically nothing but with a lot of love. Davy wanted to be an athlete, but his body said no. Thus he had the choice of becoming a cabinet maker or a cook. After obtaining his vocational certificate in cooking at Vénissieux, he continued his training with the Lyon caterer Pignol and with Paul Bocuse, then with Bruno in Lorgues, and Jacques Maximin who wanted him for La Rotonde, the restaurant at the Lyon Vert Casino. After military service in a government department came the Château de Bagnols in Beaujolais and Régis Marcon's restaurant in St. Bonnet-le-Froid.

Davy Tissot Recipes
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