Château de Germigney
Château de Germigney
To contact the establishment
Rue Edgar-Faure
39600 Port-Lesney (Jura)
Tel: + 33 (0)3 84 73 85 85
Fax: + 33 (0)3 84 73 88 88
Owner: Famille Schön
Director: Vanessa et Arnauld Baert

Cedar wood parquet floors, period furniture, silky wall hangings… renowned interior designers Roland and Véréna Schön have turned this home of a Marquis lost amongst wild lakes into a delicate and astonishing hotel. Here, each room is like an art gallery. The armchairs invite you to sink into them to read a book or sample the best wines of the Jura before sitting down to savour generous, subtle cuisine. The hallmark dishes: Bresse chicken from the Roussel Voisard farm in a sealed terrine (advance reservation), suprêmes on a gratin of pommes boulangère with Vin Jaune, drumsticks in salad “like a day-after pot-au-feu”... worthy of feasts in bygone days.

Pierre Basso Moro
Pierre Basso Moro is a very discreet and reserved man and only feels at home when he is in his kitchen. For the last 10 years, at the Château de Germigney, he has followed an exacting approach and exploits his technical virtuosity through reinterpreting the classics as can be seen in his renowned chicken baked in a sealed terrine. He draws his inspiration from the spirit of place and the terroir, and constantly seeks to harmonise his dishes with the finest wines from the Jura region. However, he does not shy away from Asian or exotic influences as can be seen from his “Veal medallions, gyoza with cabbage cooked in butter, pan-fried Jerusalem artichoke”, and his “chaud-froid of venison with quince, marrow purée, mango and pomegranate, white coffee milk”.

Pierre Basso Moro Recipe
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