Les Prés d'Eugénie
Les Prés d'Eugénie
To contact the establishment
40320 Eugénie-Les-Bains
(Great South-West)
Tel: (33) 05 58 05 06 07
Fax: (33) 05 58 51 10 10
Owner: Christine & Michel Guérard

In the past century, Empress Eugénie was extremely fond of this elegant colonial hamlet where the white palace, «Les Prés», the «Couvent des Herbes» and the «Ferme aux Grives» gracefully court each other in balmy gardens of magnolias and verbena. Today, Christine and Michel Guérard delight guests with a rare symphony of herb gardens, climbing roses, magic springs, exotic fragrances, exquisite guestrooms and delicious flavours which distil a refined «Art de vivre».

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