Restaurant Hiramatsu
Restaurant Hiramatsu
To contact the establishment
5-15-3 Minami-Azabu
Minato-ku,Tokyo 106-0047
Tel: 81-3-3444-3967
Fax: 81-3-3444-3991
Owner: Hiroyuki Hiramatsu

Hiroyuki Hiramatsu, chef-owner of Hiramatsu Restaurant and avowed Francophile, has won popularity in both France and Japan for his refined cuisine and superb technique.

Deeply inspired at a young age by French culture through his exposure to paintings and literature, Hiroyuki Hiramatsu decided he would wholly devote himself to the French culinary arts. He travelled to France with his wife to immerse himself in French cooking and culture, undertaking a rigorous professional training.

Returning to Japan, he opened his first restaurant in Tokyo's Nishi Azabu district, which quickly gained a reputation for sophisticated food and service. To meet a growing demand, he relocated to the chic Hiro-o neighbourhood, where Hiramatsu Restaurant was born. Desiring to introduce his compatriots not only to French haute cuisine, but also to the wider scope of French gastronomy, Hiramatsu then expanded his operations to create a pyramid that included cafés and bistros with the Hiramatsu restaurant at the top.

Hiroyuki Hiramatsu deftly blends innovation and tradition, drawing his inspiration from the changing seasons to create dishes that delight both the eye and the palate. His menus clearly reflect his passion for France's culture and gastronomy, as well as his belief that French cuisine is a composite art form to which he in turn can contribute a personal touch.

A good example of his style is his roast squab (pigeonneau rôti), which is at once new and classic. A young pigeon is deboned from the back, stuffed with celery and foie gras, trussed and roasted. The sauce is made from pigeon stock enriched with the bird's bones and giblets, creating a recipe that is original while being firmly anchored in traditional culinary technique. Japanese critics hailed Hiramatsu's roast squab as a new classic, destined to last into the 21st century and beyond.

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