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Hôtel de Ville
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1, rue d'Yverdon
CH-1023 Crissier
Tel: (41) (021) 634 05 05
Fax: (41) (021) 634 24 64
Owner: Philippe Rochat
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In this temple of gastronomy on the outskirts of Lausanne, Philippe Rochat presents the great dishes of his mentor Girardet, for whom he was student, right arm and alter ego until venturing out on his own four years ago. His creations reflect the perfection, balance and attention to detail that are the marks of a great chef.

For Philippe Rochat, cuisine is primarily about sensitivity, not just about aesthetics. Quality of preparation and blending of flavours take priority over sophisticated presentation: «It’s not enough to look, you have to really see the product. That’s what’s important and then always improve on it. No need to add a multitude of ingredients to refine the product, three flavours per dish are sufficient», the chef states.

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