Restaurant Initiale
Restaurant Initiale
To contact the establishment
54, rue Saint-Pierre
Quebec G1K 4A1 (Québec)
Tel: + 1 418 694 1818
Fax: + 1 418 694 2387
Owner: Yvan Lebrun et Rolande Leclerc

In Old Quebec City, just steps from the St. Lawrence, in a spacious setting that is spare and modern but not cold, Chef Yvan Lebrun oversees the evolution of a restaurant that has earned great distinction over the years. This son of Cancale, in Brittany, fell in love with Quebec City decades ago… and with a Québécoise. 

Lebrun is too humble to make the rounds of tables in his restaurant; he prefers instead to remain behind the scenes, working passionately to bring out the best from his fine regional products: lamb from Kamouraska, foie gras and duck from Goulu farm, scallops and crab from the Mingan Islands, walleye from Lac St. Pierre. And everything is underpinned by carefully-chosen ingredients, Here, cattails are transformed into flour, and dandelion honey into unctuous ice cream.

Yvan walks the line between land and sea, bringing both together on one plate. He loves to pair the sophisticated and the rustic. On his menus, loin of suckling pig is served with squash, Nova Scotia lobster teams up with sea urchin cream and a few Chinese artichokes - those ringed tubers that resemble puffy caterpillars. Beef blade roast is served on mashed Jerusalem artichokes. And as a nod to his Breton roots, Lebrun serves flat oysters (renowned for their flavor even in Roman times) on a tangy lemon aspic that you're tempted to eat with a spoon.

A passion, an exquisite destination

Talking over poultry with Yvan Lebrun
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