Le Jardin des Sens
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Le Jardin des Sens
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11, avenue Saint-Lazare
34000 Montpellier
Tel: (33) 04 99 58 38 38
Fax: (33) 04 99 58 38 39
Owner: Jacques & Laurent Pourcel, Olivier Chateau
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J a c q u e s 
o r
L a u r e n t  ?

L a u r e n t
o r
J a c q u e s ?

Pourcel's 4-Hand Concerto

The restaurant was not called "Le Jardin des Sens" just to be poetic. Its name reflects a whole working philosophy: the five senses in perfect harmony. This balance is not confined just to the plates and dining tables, but to the whole environment: hence the idea of a garden, an enclosed space that seeks to recreate a kind of lost paradise, which is nothing other than a tranquillity of mind and of the senses.

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