Johann Lafer's Stromburg
Johann Lafer's Stromburg
To contact the establishment
D-55442 Stromberg
Tel: (49) (06724) 93100
Fax: (49) (06724) 931090
Owner: Johann Lafer
Director: Silvia Buchholz-Lafer

The Cuisine of Johann Lafer
After years of honing his skills in some of the finest restaurants in Germany and France, Johann Lafer, an Austrian from Styria, arrived in Guldental, bringing his technical expertise and creative talent to Silvia Buchholz's Val d'Or restaurant. Taking both a wife and a new homeland, he married Silvia and together they established themselves at Stromburg castle in 1994.

Each day, Johann Lafer offers his guests "Joie de vivre" and pure pleasure. A warm welcome and an inviting atmosphere, exquisite food and surroundings: these are our first impressions of this establishment run by Germany's foremost television celebrity chef.

His cooking is full of fresh flavours and wonderful aromas that crisscross international boundaries. In his restaurant Le Val d'Or, which boasts two Michelin stars, he offers cuisine that draws its influences from far afield, at times the Mediterranean, at other times Asia. "It's the product itself that sets the course of my inspiration," Lafer explains. "It's not just the flavour and texture, but also the origin of the product that makes it unique and that takes us on a journey of the senses."

"I buy only products whose provenance I know, high-quality natural ingredients whose history I can trace from their origins to my kitchen."

Johann Lafer possesses, if it can be said to be possible, a little "something else." You could probably count on your fingers the number of chefs who have distinguished themselves both as cooks and pastry chefs. Named best pastry chef in Germany in the 1980s, he always dazzles with the innovation of his desserts: elegant, sublime temptations worthy of his renowned establishment.

In his "Gasthaus Turmstube," nestled in the ancient walls of the Stromburg, you can also enjoy cooking that has its roots in the countryside, traditional cuisine with comforting aromas, stylishly reinterpreted, such as Johann's Wiener Schnitzel, or local wild venison with black cherries.

But Lafer isn't content to stop there: his ambition has always been and continues to be to put gastronomy and fine living within everyone's reach. There's a cooking school here… your mouth is watering already. Hobby-cooks eager to learn come here to immerse themselves in top quality classes. An integral part of the school is the All About Wine program, composed of excellent lectures on the world's great wines.

You can also join the Table d'Or club, an annual program that offers travel, courses and special events… just one more reason to stay a little longer in the wonderful Nahe wine region at the foot of the Soon forest.

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