Le Pérolles P.-A. Ayer
Le Pérolles P.-A. Ayer
To contact the establishment
Bd de Pérolles 18a
1700 Fribourg - Switzerland
Tel: +41 (0)26 347 40 30
Fax: +41 (0)26 347 40 32
ayeramey (@)

Up for any challenge that comes his way, which includes creating sophisticated dishes for his country’s national airline, Pierre-André Ayer, the chef of the Michelin-starred Pérolles in the canton of Fribourg, was recently named president of Les Grandes Tables de Suisse by his peers.

For the second time, he was singled out by Gault&Millau as the chef of the year for western Switzerland, also ranking him among the 29 greatest chefs of his country. A curious world traveller, Ayer nevertheless feels a strong attachment to his homeland, constantly proclaiming that “you have to be proud of your heritage!”

And he certainly proves that he is, through his enthusiastic advocacy for the rich products of his land, which ceaselessly inspire him. Built like a rugby player, the chef places authenticity among his core values, even wearing a vest that reads: “Pierrot Ayer, l’Authentique.” He exemplifies this through his profound respect for the land and those who cultivate it.

However, his strong values and connection to his roots do not immobilize him. In fact, they serve as the foundation for his exuberant creativity and that irresistible touch of madness that always finds its way into his culinary art.

2015 - Prepare your palate! Pierrot is the honorary president of the Montreal Highlights Festival where Switzerland will be the featured country

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