To contact the establishment
903 N La Cienega Bd
Los Angeles, CA 90069
Tel: (310) 652 9770
Fax: (310) 652 8870
Owner: Gérard & Virgine Ferry

Long considered one of Los Angeles' most elegant and romantic dining destinations, L'Orangerie has presented guests with fine French cuisine, an extensive selection of exceptional wines and sophisticated service for over 27 years.

Thirty-two year old chef Christophe Bellanca presents seasonal dishes that boast a wide variety of fresh delicacies ranging from luscious lobster to delicate hamachi, succulent foie gras to exquisite caviar, and imported fresh fish selections to the finest cuts of meats and poultry.

Classically trained but always aiming to bring modern sensibilities and even a playful sense of humor to his menus, Chef Bellanca creatively updates traditional French cuisine by adding his own inventive twist. In his kitchen, time-honored ingredients like foie gras may make an appearance in the form of a luscious Foie Gras Crème Brûlée or, spiked with fruits and nuts, as a savory Foie Gras Nougat. And a refreshing intermezzo of miniature beer granités made from a California staple, Corona with a dash of lime, is his winking nod to his new home.

Despite all the fun, Christophe Bellanca's cooking remains focused, genuine and very much to the point. His mastery of modern technique assures that all his creations are flavorful yet healthy and light, as he continues the tradition of using L'Orangerie's award-winning olive oil instead of heavy cream and butter to create flavorful reductions and light emulsions to accompany his food.

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