Auberge Saint-Gabriel
Auberge Saint-Gabriel
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426, Rue Saint-Gabriel
Tel: 514 878-3561

Nothing in Éric Gonzalez’s childhood hinted that he would become the acclaimed chef he is today. The accomplished former goalie dreamed of becoming Superman, but he had a weakness: he adored his native cuisine, reveling in its wealth of flavors. And so he set out on his path—to excellence.

At age 27, Éric was awarded a Michelin star along with chef and restaurant of the year honors, marking him as a real standout among students of luminaries Bernard Loiseau and Jacques Chibois.

Young, handsome, and talented, Éric Gonzalez brings his own interpretation to contemporary cuisine, generously infusing it with newfound depth and sophistication inspired by his native Provence and the richness of Québec’s terroir.

In joining Auberge Saint-Gabriel, Eric has turned away from elaborate palatial cuisine to focus on a palate-pleasing blend of simple yet spectacular fare in original and authentic surroundings. “The language of a chef isn’t complicated. It’s all about sincerity, generosity, enchantment, pleasure, love, freedom—in short, the joy of eating well! At the Auberge, my team and I, he said, strive to stimulate your senses so that each bite you take resonates—and each meal becomes an unforgettable gastronomic experience you’ll long remember.”

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