Restaurant Pierre Orsi
Restaurant Pierre Orsi
To contact the establishment
3, place Kléber
69006 Lyon
Tel: (33) 04 78 89 57 68
Fax: (33) 04 72 44 93 34
Owner: Pierre Orsi
Director: Geneviève Orsi
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In the left bank neighborhood stands an ancient building where the art of eating well and fine hospitality are cultivated within a setting of excellence.

The son of a hotel keeper-restaurateur, Pierre Orsi apprenticed with Paul Bocuse and worked in some of France’s finest kitchens, including Bise, Lucas-Carton and Maxim’s, before stints in England and at Maxim’s in Chicago. Named “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” in 1972, he passed on his knowledge, training numerous chefs before his return to Lyon where he opened his restaurant in September 1975.

In 1979, Le Cazenove unveiled the style of its BIS establishments which are, in the culinary world, what ready-to-wear is to haute couture.

Orsi is constantly seeking perfection. Each of his trips to Japan, the US or Mexico brings a new discovery... when he’s not at the market at 4 AM choosing the best fish of the day.

He offers light dishes, quickly cooked, enhanced with reduced sauces that bring out the best of his products. Fish dominates this finely-tuned menu, influenced both by Orsi’s Lyonnais roots and his tropical travels.

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