Restaurante dal Pescatore Santini
Restaurante dal Pescatore Santini
To contact the establishment
oc. Runate 17 Canneto S/O I-46013 Mantova
Tel: (39) 0376 72 30 01
Fax: (39) 0376 703 04
Owner: Antonio Santini

Between Cremona and Mantova, the picturesque village of Canneto in the reserve of the Oglio Park provides an idyllic setting for this elegant restaurant opened by Antonio Santini's grandparents.

Antonio Santini recounts the history of Dal Pescatore: "The story begins in 1925 when our grandfather acquired the 'fisherman's hut,' a shack built of rushes and a few bricks on the shore of a small lake, now within the boundaries of Dell'Oglio park. In 1926, he married Teresa and together they began their great adventure: Grandpa set out each morning, returning with fish that grandma would cook, along with some other traditional local recipes. In 1927 my father Giovanni was born; even as a small boy he contributed to the life of this small country tavern by selling fish. In 1952 Giovanni married Bruna who took her place beside Teresa in the kitchen. As years passed and needs changed, white tablecloths and napkins appeared on the tables and the original name of the inn (Vino e pesce) was changed to Dal Pescatore in 1960.

"Nadia and I were married in 1974, and our future was already laid out for us. After honeymooning in France, where we came to understand the styles behind both modest and grand restaurants, we returned and presented our philosophy on our menu: Our cuisine is offered with respect for tradition, in the hope you will come to know the generous heart and life of our land."

Of course creating and realizing a philosophy of cooking takes time. Antonio and Nadia began with a rich family heritage, building on it and raising it to new gastronomic heights. Today the cuisine at Dal Pescatore blends tradition and innovation in a balanced and modern independent style. The pumpkin tortelli are served with less butter and Parmesan these days so that all the elements of the dish can be appreciated, with the pure straightforward flavor of each ingredient coming through.

To achieve this harmony requires careful and sensitive preparation, using fresh top-quality products, and without making the dish too informal or unusual. It's a rather difficult balancing act, but an essential one if the true character and flavor of the original ingredients is to be respected.

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