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285, avenue Victor Hugo
26000 Valence
(Lyonnais/Rhône Valley
Tel: (33) 04 75 44 15 32
Fax: (33) 04 75 40 96 03
Owner: David & Anne Pic-Sinapian
Director: David Sinapian
Not far from Lyon and Marseille, half-way between the mountains and the sea, you will find Valence, a dynamic city in one of France's loveliest rural regions. And in Valence, you will discover a very special island of calm: Restaurant Pic, which over the past sixty years has earned a reputation as a shrine of French cuisine. Curnonsky, "the prince of gastronomes," said early on "there are three creators of modern cuisine: Escoffier, Pic, Point." And it was certainly no accident that the three men were friends.

In the days before multi-lane highways and high-speed trains, writers, painters, actors, aristocrats and even kings, not to mention ordinary food-lovers, eagerly looked forward to stopping off at Valence. They weren't alone - and thus began a tradition that continues to this day.

Three generations of 3 stars
Anne-Sophie Pic is the daughter and granddaughter of chefs who have held three Michelin stars. She has brought the three-star rating back to the renowned "Maison Pic" in Valence. They were first granted to her grandfather André in 1945, but not maintained. Michelin then gave the prized rating to Anne-Sophie's father Jacques Pic but downgraded the restaurant in 1995, three years after his death.

At first, it was to be Alain Pic, Anne-Sophie's brother, who would take over the family culinary business, which has operated in the same location since before the war. But gradually it was Anne-Sophie who took over the reins. "Experience can't be handed down," she says in a small voice, "but I believe a lot in destiny." 

In 2007 Anne-Sophie Pic became the only female chef in France to hold three Michelin stars. An event to celebrate! It's the first time since 1968 that a woman has held such an honor, since the third star was withdrawn from "Mère Brazier" in Lyon.

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Receiving 3 stars in 2007 turned Anne-Sophie Pic's life around, giving her an immediate and improbable notoriety. Offers flowed in. She set her heart on Beau Rivage Palace in Lausanne - without turning her back on Valence, of course!

Some products

Many people have fond childhood memories of an artichoke purée, or of pulling the leaves from a Camus artichoke, dipping them in vinaigrette and nibbling on them one by one!

Bring some sunshine to your table with artichokes says Anne-Sophie

Anne-Sophie Pic Recipe
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