La Pyramide
La Pyramide
To contact the establishment
14, bd Fernand Point
38200 Vienne
(Lyonnais/Rhône Valley)
Tel: (33) 04 74 53 01 96
Fax: (33) 04 74 85 69 73
Owner: Pascale et Patrick Henriroux
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"Il n'y a de restaurant que Point. Un point, c'est tout», to paraphrase a famous Sacha Guitry quotation. Yet, Patrick Henriroux's inheriting the restaurant does not signify simply continuing a famous tradition but innovating it as well. A stay at La Pyramide remains an unforgettable experience. The superb cuisine of the South of France and the Dauphiné region is a delight. Savour «moelleux de dormeurs à l'artichaut cru comme en Provence». Then, retire to one of the extremely charming guestrooms: the best way to know the hotel.
La Pyramide 1

The winter break was put to good use by Pascale and Patrick Henriroux to freshen up their beloved Pyramide in Vienne (Isère). The entrance, reception area and dining rooms of this famed establishment have been totally redone with a welcome elegant, contemporary touch.

Now, in order to compensate for the restaurant's Tuesday and Wednesday closing and so as not to penalize hotel guests, a catering space has been created: Espace PH 3 (as in Pyramide, Patrick and Pascale).

"It's neither a restaurant or a bistro, but a welcoming convivial place with an open kitchen," explains Patrick Henriroux. The space, with a fireplace and veranda, can accommodate 30 diners. Starting in the morning for breakfast and going until dinner, a chef works in front of guests to offer simple, good-quality dishes available at any time of day: three first courses (9 to 15 euros), three main courses (12 to 15 euros), three desserts (8 to 9 euros), three white wines, three red wines, three rosés, three fruit juices and three champagnes. Certainly a winning formula!

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