Restaurant Barbizon
Restaurant Barbizon
To contact the establishment
95, Welriekendedreef
B-3090 Jezus-Eik (Overijse)
Tel: (32) (02) 657 40 66
Owner: Alain Deluc
On the edge of the forest of Soignes, in a wonderful Norman house, Myriam and Alain Deluc await you in an atmosphere where the paintings, the forest and the "art de la table" conspire together to enchant the heart, mind and eye.

A Restaurant
Love at first sight… In 1959, Alain Deluc's father discovered this bucolic setting which reminded him of the paintings of his beloved Corot. He established himself in the countryside in order to practice his own art: gastronomy.

Irresistibly, through heredity and temperament, the son too has succumbed to the spell of the place.

For 38 years now the fine-dining tradition has been carried on in these opulent floral surroundings, endowed as well with a terrace that overlooks the forest.

A Chef
Alain Deluc, who apprenticed with the great chefs Troisgros and Chapel, brings his customers a pure, simple happiness, using the best products and preparing them with respect for their individual flavours and qualities.

Alain Deluc is carrying on the tradition of the beautiful and delicious. With the vocabulary to express it and the skill to achieve it, his cooking has the power to move, to stir. Using a blend of whimsy and inspiration, of subtle scents and divine tastes, he fashions a story of nature and the seasons…

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