La Bastide Saint-Antoine
La Bastide Saint-Antoine
To contact the establishment
48, avenue Henri Dunant
06130 Grasse, Côte-d'Azur
Tel: (33) 04 93 70 94 94
Fax: (33) 04 93 70 94 95
Owner: Jacques Chibois
Director: Patrice Dubois
La Bastide
What soul! Is it Jacques Chibois' simplicity or his passion for the olive that give such character to La Bastide?
Who has not dreamed of one day having a place in Provence, amidst its stone walls and wells?… Here the windows open onto terraced rows of olive and cypress trees. Bougainvillea covers the walls of the house and lemon and orange trees in large stone pots provide little bursts of sunshine. The scent of the jasmine ground cover follows us everywhere, and looking out we can see all the way to the bottom of the valley.

Come in. Everywhere there are baskets of white orchids, discreet luxury and sophistication. The shop is filled with wonderful scents and tastes of Provence… packets of olives, olive paste, olives in jars, black and green olives, olive tapenade… Dozens of little drawers containing butcher's salt, fisherman's salt, teas scented with bergamot, jasmine and vanilla, sugar candy, cane sugar, pearl sugar, brown sugar… an elegant way of filling your luggage with "chiboiseries" and other delights of Provence…

At La Bastide, every nook and cranny makes a lasting impression, like a painting on which the artist's brush has traced his deepest feeling. Breakfast near the pool in one's robe, looking down towards the bay of Cannes, lunch under the chestnut and lime trees in a pastoral symphony, dinner in evening dress on the terrasse or in the dining room. Here they have created little islands of peace.


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