The Greenhouse
The Greenhouse
To contact the establishment
27a Hay’s Mews
Mayfair, London, W1J 5NY
Tel: 020 7499 3331

Meet chef Arnaud Bignon on the chicdistrict of Mayfair.

Bignon’s culinary passion was inspired by his grandfather’s garden in France, where he discovered respect for highest quality ingredients that has become an essential part of his whole approach to cooking. His philosophy combines his traditional French training with contemporary techniques. It is based around finding perfect harmony and balance in all his dishes, often playing with fresh and original flavour combinations and their presentation is always stylish and contemporary.

At 15, this good student gave up his academic studies in favor of culinary ones. With patience and perseverance, he climbed the rungs and soon found himself in the kitchens of renowned Michelin-starred establishments such as Drouant, Alain Ducasse and the Bristol, where he served as sous-chef for 6 years. He was just 30 years old when he took over the kitchen of Spondi in 2005, surrounding himself with a very French team. The gods of Olympus chose wisely. In his very first year, Michelin awarded him a star.

Arnaud Bignon works with traditional ingredients, enhancing their flavors with wonderfully balanced pairings.

"I have just one creed," he says. "The product comes first. It's the center of the plate. Its quality has to be beyond reproach. Then comes the choice of ingredients to be paired with it, to enhance it without dominating it or detracting from it. Finally the presentation: it's the first thing the diner sees. It has to elicit the initial emotional response. Then comes the flavor that explodes on the palate, gradually revealing all the interplay between the ingredients."
This young chef, with his smiling face and calm demeanor, deftly plays with the complexity of flavors and a simple, perfect presentation.

2 stars for The Greenhouse in Mayfair. Michelin praises head chef Arnaud Bignon for his technically impressive and innovative cooking.

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